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Welcome! Have you spent a lot of your life pursuing professional goals you thought would give you satisfaction, only to find that work and life are feeling incomplete?


I love helping people gain the clarity they need to move forward in their professional lives with less anxiety and more fun. Whether it’s realizing a long held dream of becoming an entrepreneur or finding a way to work and live that gives you more personal flexibility and freedom, I can help you design a professional life you love.


As a translator for more than 15 years, I learned first hand the power of language to convey meaning. As a coach, I can guide you in a transformational process that will translate your words into action.

Alison shaped how I thought, not what I thought. … she consistently challenged me to do the heavy lifting and discover the hard lessons for myself. Learning how to think and unpack my emotions has been an invaluable skill that will be with me for the rest of my life."

      US Army officer and veteran


Check out the video above to hear about what I love about coaching veterans.

How I Help...

Discover What's Missing

Find Your Courage

Create a Plan

Are you losing your enthusiasm for what you’ve been doing or your ability to focus? Have you hit that moment of quiet desperation at the office? Coaching offers a safe place to take a look at what’s missing for you at work and decide what you want to do about it.

Is life throwing something at you that you didn't expect, and you feel like hiding? Perhaps you need a coaching conversation to uncover what's really going on for you and help you recover your ability to face the hard stuff, without judgment or self-indictment.

Are you ready for a real, no-nonsense and action-oriented conversation about your job? Do you need a different approach to a complex work and personal life? Maybe now is the time to write your own ticket. When more thinking about things isn't getting you where you want to go, you have to change your approach.

Whom Do I Coach?

Mid-Career Professionals

Working Parents

Integrating work and life feels like a full time job sometimes. If you sense it’s time to make a change and build something different for you and your family, I will help you define what is and is not working and take actions so you can feel in balance again. You will leave behind the "robbing Peter to pay Paul" dilemma.

Are you questioning whether the next promotion, pay raise, or title will bring you satisfaction? Is some wish for novelty or new horizons surfacing? Want to explore consulting or even starting your own business? I will partner with you to uncover what you need and want to make work enjoyable again.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Transitioning Military

What do you want to do about that venture you always dreamed of starting? Is starting your own business going to give you the freedom you want? What changes will you need to make in order to find success as a business owner? How will you define success? We will tackle these and other hard questions to get real about your vision for your own business and your plan to get there.

Make no mistake – leaving a military career and the life that supports it is as daunting as any cross-cultural challenge for the person serving as well as his or her family. We will work together to sort out your priorities and help you regroup as you take command of your future. Your new plan will honor your priorities and align with your values, and you will feel more positive about moving forward.

Work With Alison

A coaching relationship establishes an on-going conversation that draws on your own wisdom about what you want to do with your life, rather than looking for answers in other people, activities, or places. It’s not mentoring, consulting, or therapy.


Together, we will partner to examine where you are currently, how you got there, and what challenges stand in the way of feeling more connected and at peace. We’ll examine your decision-making process more clearly and uncover core beliefs about yourself that may be preventing you from taking action to change. As your coach, my job is to create the conditions for meaningful conversations and to remind you of what you are seeking. Your only requirement is to engage in honest self-inquiry and commit to the process for a period of time.

What is Coaching?

Coaching with Alison gave me structure and a time frame to explore challenging situations further. I felt empowered to try new thoughts and approaches at work, which helped me rediscover who I am and affirmed the decisions I had made. I learned so much from each session. "

        Non-profit Management Executive

What Can You Expect?

Ontological Coaching

Ontological coaching takes in our full experience of self — what our body is telling us, how we are feeling, what we are saying or not saying — allowing you to begin to discover, appreciate, and eventually celebrate who you are in everything you do. As your self-awareness grows, you will begin to notice and honor your own reactions, and to move forward with more clarity and focus.


Inherently valuing yourself does not mean giving yourself a pass for things you say or do that may negatively affect other people. Coaching builds a strong foundation of personal responsibility and a capacity to be accountable for our actions. What it stops is a vicious cycle of hidden self-indictment for who we are and how we believe we are falling short that undermines us in every way.


My approach as an ontological coach is not to advise, consult, mentor, or provide therapy. My goal is to help you discover the answers and wisdom that are already within you. Through our conversations we will draw out the real you, so that you can direct the course of your life according to your own calculus and not be driven by the need for the approval or permission of others.




In ontological coaching, you will notice your energy and what it will and won’t allow you to do. Difficult conversations and tense situations will become easier when you “bring your body in” by taking actions like relaxing your shoulders and breathing deeply. You will learn to pause when your gut tells you it is not the time for you to say or do something. Put most simply, you will begin to act more in alignment with what your body is telling you, and your actions will therefore have more impact.

You will also begin to notice your specific emotions and the role they play in the actions you take. Our actions always flow from our emotions, and our work will be to identify what is driving you and whether it is best serving your goals. Every emotion provides important clues that help us clarify what we care about and what we believe is possible. When you begin to gain clarity, your actions will become more powerful.

The ontological model holds that language has to do with action --  coordinating, creating, and generating (not just communicating with others about how things are). If language is generative, then what you say has an impact on what you create. In our coaching work, you will begin to express yourself more honestly, and create new opportunities for yourself with new declarations, assessments, assertions, requests, offers and promises. Your new competence in these speech acts will produce new results in your life.

The Process

75-Minute Coaching Sessions, in person or on the phone, with meetings every 1-2 weeks and a recommended three-month commitment. If you choose, you can receive a session digest with takeaways after each conversation.

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